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Sundeala is perhaps the best-known quality noticeboard material available. Sundeala is the perfect choice if you require a noticeboard that will stand up to the rigors of a busy home, office, factory, school or other academic institution then Sundeala is the ideal  noticeboard.

Sundeala isn't just an environmentally friendly material, being made from recycled newspaper, but also it performs extremely well, giving long life despite being repeatedly attacked with drawing pins!  Sundeala is available in Standard Grey Colour, Light Brown and in addition a range of bright colours known as Colourboard.

A Fire Resistant version of Sundeala is made for use where Fire Safety is important, often it is a requirement in Public Buildings.

For less demanding use Pinboard is available which is designed to hold a drawing pin effectively. This is a lower cost alternative that is usually adequate for home or light duty office use. It is finished with a Yellow emulsion paint and can be repainted with a colour of your choice.

Softboard is a low-density compressed fibreboard finished & sealed on one face with a light pale tan coloured paint. It is not intended for use as a notice board and does not hold a pin as securely as Sundeala or Pinboard. The main use of this product is for heat and sound insulation and is often used as a lightweight underlining to improve the insulation and appearance of old ceilings. Another use is for it be incorporated into a party wall or internal partition wall to reduce transmitted noise or heat loss.